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Elastofirm is an independent, hands-on Dutch enterprise, that invests in healthy, specialised companies active in the rubber and plastic industry. Elastofirm focuses mainly on positions in companies in Europe with an enterprise value between € 4 – 100 Million.

Our aim with our investments is, together with the management, to create sustainable value for all stakeholders and to further develop and grow the companies. By focussing on the specific segment, rubber and plastics, we create synergies at Elastofirm level. In addition, we build a network of companies that can strengthen each other in many ways. We believe in a de-centralized business model where the strength and expertise is, and will remain, with the operating companies.

Elastofirm has a long-term vision and is open for any kind of cooperation. Management and shareholders of Elastofirm have specific expertise and knowledge of this industry and a proven track-record in successfully leading and growing industrial companies.

Companies within the group

Flevo Rubber Extrusion is a recognised European producer of rubber profiles in small to medium-sized series. FRE has a command of all professional extrusion techniques for rubber production, and can therefore produce very small and fine to extremely large and heavy rubber profiles.

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Technische Profielen Produktie B.V. (TPP) is a specialist in the manufacturing of rubber sealing gaskets for a wide range of applications and purposes.

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Die Poppe Elastomertechniek GmbH has been a leading manufacturer of elastomer seals and profiles since 1911. At its location in Gießen, it develops and manufactures technical rubber products that are used in the automotive industry, plant engineering, apparatus and mechanical engineering, and renewable energies.

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Flevo Rubber Compounding (FRC) is specialized in the development, production and application of customer-specific rubber compounds in an array of delivery forms.

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Polycomp with more than 20 years experience in developing and producing customer specific high performance rubber compounds based on FKM, FFKM, HNBR, (F)VMQ as well as all other polymers.

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QEW Engineered Rubber is a real “custom compounder” with a high level of knowledge, an excellent level of service and an optimal cost structure. QEW works with all polymers and has a wide range of high-quality, constant and “ready to use” compounds. QEW Specialty Compounding specializes in colored and foamable compounds for diverse and demanding applications.

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Our approach

We work according to 3 principles:


We often acquire positions in companies with an entrepreneurial, familial culture, that has strongly contributed to the succes of the company. We try, together with the local management, to continue this in the new ownership situation,. We cherish the local entrepreneurial culture!


With the additional knowledge and experience that Elastofirm brings, we are able to contribute to improvements in the processes of the company, making it more efficient and effective.


With the financial contribution and the knowledge in the network of Elastofirm, we will work closely together with management to achieve further growth and we will invest in new opportunities.

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